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中文识字比赛三年级组获奖名单 Chinese Spelling Bee Contest- 3rd Gr. Winners 04/22/2024 - 12:07pm




🥇一等奖 (1st Place): Sheryl Hou
🥈二等奖 (2nd Place): Chloe Xu
🥉三等奖:(3rd Place): Kailee Shen, Stephanie Zheng

🥇一等奖 (1st Place): Ryan Song
🥈二等奖 (2nd Place): Melody Li, Qin Li, Laurence Song
🥉三等奖 (3rd Place): Jaden Xu, Andrew Li




羽毛球比赛报名 Youth Badminton Tournament Registration 04/21/2024 - 6:23pm

🏸 🏸🏸🏸🏸🏸🏸



- 单打:星期日,5月19日,下午2:40至3:40

- 双打:星期日,6月2日,下午1:00至3:30

📍地点:Gym, Shaker Middle School, 475 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham, NY 12110

🔸 参赛者年龄范围:8至18岁

🔹 级别:初学者,中级和高级


📝 注册:请点击链接注册。


Chinese School Youth Badminton Tournament:

🗓️ Date and Time:

- Singles: Sunday, May 19th, from 2:40pm to 3:40pm
- Doubles: Sunday, June 2nd, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm

📍 Location: Gym, Shaker Middle School, 475 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham, NY 12110

🔸 Age Range for Players: 8 to 18 years old

🔹Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

🏆Awards: Medals will be awarded to the top two players in each level.

📝 Registration: Please click the link to register.

Chinese School Administration Team

报名组团参加第十三届北美黄河杯中文有奖读书竞赛 - by 4/25 04/17/2024 - 11:11am

第十三届北美黄河杯中文有奖读书竞赛将于 2024年5月1日 -2024年8月31日举行, 因5人组团报名可获 5% discount 报名费。如您愿意参加中文学校的组团, 请在4月25日之前填此表, 中文学校会之后通知您是否组团人数抵达5人, 然后您可上网报名注册比赛。

The 13th North American Yellow River Cup Chinese Reading Competition will be held from May 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024. Group registration of 5 people will receive a 5% discount on the registration fee. If you are willing to join a Chinese school group, please fill out this form before April 25th. The Chinese school will notify you later if the group size reaches 5 people. Then you can register online for the competition.

Chinese School Administration Team

中文识字比赛-一年级组获奖名单 Chinese Spelling Bee Contest- 1st Grade Winners 04/17/2024 - 10:50am




🥇一等奖 (1st Place): John Xu,Tristan Naing
🥈二等奖 (2nd Place): Leyi Huang, Zoey Zhang
🥉三等奖:(3rd Place): Ivy Li, Abigail Longacker, Ryan Liu, Brian Shi

🥇一等奖 (1st Place): Justin Li
🥈二等奖 (2nd Place): Acadia Haggerty, Kailie Repicky
🥉三等奖 (3rd Place): Terence Xu,Jayden Zheng,Aiden Lin,Jayden Lin




Clarifications for Chess Tournament 04/15/2024 - 3:11pm

1) The tournament is open to all children of school families, as long as they are 18 or younger, regardless of whether the family has a child registered in one of the current chess classes.

2) All skill levels are welcome. The plan is to divide entrants into 2 equal-sized divisions based on age. (If there are many more entrants than expected, it might be 3 equal-sized divisions.)

3) We will likely use the cafeteria for all games rather than the classrooms.

4) The tournament will run in place of chess classes on both May 5 and May 12. So I encourage all registered chess students to sign up for the tournament, unless you know that you will not be able to attend school one of those days.

5) This is not an elimination tournament. All players play all 4 rounds, win or lose. Prizes based on score, win=1, draw=1/2, lose=0.