CCC Chinese School Registration - 2022-2023 School Year

中文学校2022-2023学年的注册将于7月15日开始,今年所有课程注册还是在网上进行。 学校要求大家参照学校注册规定及网上操作指南,为孩子登记选课交费。 新家庭先上网设立家庭账户(每个家庭只设一个账户,家长为户主),再注课。谢谢合作!

Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers, welcome to the CCC Chinsese School.

The registration for school year 2022-2023 will begin on  July 15.  If you are an existing student and have already had a family account with the School, you can proceed to Family Login 登录 to do your registration.  Should you forget your password, click on Forgot Password 忘记密码 on the login page, then follow the direction for password recovery.

If you already have an account, please do NOT create another account. Should you have issue with access your account, feel free to contact us ( 您若曾建立过帐户,请不要再开新账户。若有问题使用您的帐户,请和学校联系 (。

For new families to the CCC Chinese School...

If you don't have a family account with us, the parents or guardian need to create one by clicking the "New Family Account" 注册.

Once the account is created, add your family members and register for classes.

Here are the basic steps to complete your registration:

  1. Create a New Account, if you haven't done so. Make sure that the parents or guardian should be the account holder, the information entered are current and accurate, especially your email address. All school communication will be primarily sent to the parents/students via e-mails.
  2. Login, if you already have an existing account. You may login using your user name, email address, or your phone number.
  3. Add your family members. Update (add) family account with your family members who will take class. Make sure the information entered form them are current and correct as well.
  4. Enroll Class(s) by clicking "My Family 我的家庭" and then "Enrollment". Select a student, check classes for the student, and then click "Enroll".  Repeat the enrollment steps for another student in your family if needed.
  5. Print out your Payment Slip. When you finish registration, click blue tab "Get Payment Slip" to verify the registration information and print out a copy of it.
  6. Mail your payment to School. With the Payment Slip, send your payment in the full amount (CCC membership + PTA deposit + tuition as listed in the payment slip) to: CCC Chinese School Registration, 11 Avis Drive, Latham, NY 12110. Payment must be received to secure your registration. A $10 late fee will apply if the payment is after the payment due date by postmark.

For details, Please see "Family User's Guide" 家长使用指南.  If you is also a new CCC Chinese School teacher, you should inform the system administrator to add the teacher role to your account after it is created, then you will have access to the teacher's functions. Please refer to the "Teacher's Guide" 教师使用指南 for details, .

Class Registration Tips 注册提示 :

  • Register on-line at home before school starts as oppose to on-site registration on the first school day. CCC Chinese School has very limited resources (computers, internet access, and printers) to provide on-site registration at this time.
  • Register early and send in the payment before the due date instead paying on the first day of school to avoid long payment line and being charged for the late fee.  Class seatings are limited, School reserves the right to cancel any unpaid seats.
  • Make sure your email address on account is accurate and current. Otherwise you will NOT receive school news, notice, homework assignments. The email address should be unique per family.
  • Make sure your telephone number is correct and unique per family. Otherwise you will NOT be able to use phone number to access your account information later.
  • Any questions or comments on classes or registration process, you may email us (