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Titlesort iconStartEndTeacherLocationTuitionCapacity
Chess-Level 1 国际象棋 Level 102:50 PM03:40 PMJerry Fan 樊恺育A226215.003/15
Chess-Level 2 国际象棋 Level 202:50 PM03:40 PMSicheng Yu 余思成A225215.002/15
Chinese 1-1 中文一年级 1 班01:00 PM02:40 PMLi Zheng 郑莉W103458.0015/15
Chinese 1-2 中文一年级 2 班01:00 PM02:40 PMMaoling Zhu 邾茂玲W106458.008/15
Chinese 2-1 中文二年级 1 班01:00 PM02:40 PMApril Zhu 祝若昕H203458.0011/11
Chinese 2-2 中文二年级 2 班01:00 PM02:40 PMKaren Zhang 张怀贞H204458.000/10
Chinese 3-1 中文三年级 1 班01:00 PM02:40 PMHaiyan Sun 孙海燕H228458.0014/15
Chinese 3-2 中文三年级 2 班01:00 PM02:40 PMGuodong Wang 王国栋H229458.006/15
Chinese 4-1 中文四年级 1 班01:00 PM02:40 PMYing Li 李英H226458.0010/10
Chinese 4-2 中文四年级 2 班01:00 PM02:40 PMYijia Song 宋佾珈H227458.003/10
Chinese 5-1 中文五年级 1 班01:00 PM02:40 PMMin Zhang 张旻A223458.0013/15
Chinese 6-1 中文六年级 1 班01:00 PM02:40 PMLily Li 李莉A222458.001/15
Chinese 6-2 中文六年级 2 班01:00 PM02:40 PMJessica Chen 陈丹丹A206458.0016/16
Chinese 7-1 中文七年级 1 班(马立平中文)01:00 PM02:40 PMYi Lu 卢逸S124458.004/15
Chinese 8-1 中文八年级 1 班 (马立平中文)01:00 PM02:40 PMWenqi Li 李文奇S125458.008/15
Chinese 8-2 中文八年级 2 班 (阳阳中文)01:00 PM02:40 PMMiao Zhou 周淼S126458.009/15
Chinese 9-1 中文九年级 1 班 (马立平中文)01:00 PM02:40 PMYin Qian 钱寅S102458.007/15
Chinese 9-2 中文九年级 2 班 (阳阳中文)01:00 PM02:40 PMFei Han 韩飞S103458.002/15
Chinese AP 1 AP 中文一班01:00 PM02:40 PMJennifer Li 李放S123458.005/15
Chinese Kindergarten 1 - 中文学前幼儿1班01:00 PM02:40 PMLily Ji 季莉莉W133458.0010/10
Chinese Kindergarten 2 - 中文学前幼儿2班01:00 PM02:40 PMManyi Li W134458.003/10
Chinese Kungfu 武术功夫班02:50 PM03:40 PMLucas Geller 鲁克Gym2215.0015/20
Club-Adult Basketball 篮球俱乐部01:00 PM02:40 PMKirk Huang Gym20.004/50
Club-Badminton 羽毛球俱乐部01:00 PM02:40 PMMeng Wu 吴猛Gym10.0019/50
Club-Zumba Dance Zumba 舞蹈俱乐部01:00 PM02:40 PMXiaoshuo Hou Gym30.0019/50
Club: Knitting, crochet 毛线编织俱乐部01:00 PM02:40 PMJiayi Kong W1040.003/50
Club: Youth Volunteer Team12:00 AM12:00 AMQun Lu 陆群Online0.0014/50
Codifying Language: Preparation for NACLO (6th-12th Grade)02:50 PM03:40 PMKristal Lin 林兰馨A204215.005/15
CSL-Level 101:00 PM02:40 PMCoco Luo 罗婧伊A202458.0017/25
CSL-Level 201:00 PM02:40 PMWei Qin 秦伟A203458.006/15
CSL-Level 301:00 PM02:40 PMKristal Lin 林兰馨A204458.001/15
Debate 中学生辩论(Grade 6 - Grade 12)02:50 PM03:40 PMEva Ho 何伊娃S123215.003/15
ESL I ( English as second language)01:00 PM02:40 PMSalvatore Labaro Zhang WeiW1310.005/15
ESL II ( English as second language)02:50 PM03:40 PMEric Chen 陈奕安W1310.003/15
General Chemistry 化学基础课 (9th Grade & up)01:00 PM02:40 PMYa Ying Zheng 郑雅莺A225458.003/15
Hands On STEM 趣味科学实验 ( Grade 2-Grade 5)02:50 PM03:40 PMVincent Shi 石问坤S124215.009/15
Hip-Hop Dance 街舞 (Age 8 and up)02:50 PM03:40 PMChryceis Hollars 李家睿W133215.005/15
How to make your English authentic-Pronunciation & Grammar (Adult only) 02:50 PM03:40 PMMing-huai Hall 柳明淮S12571.006/15
Introduction to Cyber Security (9th Grade & Up)01:00 PM02:40 PMAlan Wang A226458.009/15
Kids Art-Beginner 绘画初级02:50 PM03:40 PMJade Sun 孙珺宜A223215.0013/15
Kids Dance 少儿舞蹈 (Age 5-8)02:50 PM03:40 PMManyi Li W134215.003/15
Learn Chinese with Fun-Explore the World of Animals 趣味学中文-动物世界探奇 (age 5 & up)02:50 PM03:40 PMYin Qian 钱寅S102215.002/15
Math 1 – For Grade 102:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群W103215.001/30
Math 2 – For Grade 202:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群W106215.001/30
Math 3 – For Grade 302:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群H203215.006/30
Math 4 – For Grade 402:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群H204215.007/30
Math 5: Pre Algebra – For Grade 5, 6 and 7, prepare mathcounts02:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群H226215.009/30
Math 6: Intro Algebra – Kids who took pre algebra Before prepare AMC test02:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群H227215.007/30
Math 7: Geometry - Kids who took pre algebra and Intro algebra Before prepare AMC test02:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群H228215.002/10
Math 8: Intermediate Algebra -Kids who took Intro algebra Before prepare high level AMC test02:50 PM03:40 PMQun Lu 陆群A206215.005/10
Python - Beginner to Python Programming02:50 PM03:40 PMWilliam Rennie S122215.0015/15
Python - Intermediate Python programming01:00 PM02:40 PMJason Zhang 张耀轩S122458.002/15
Youth Badminton 羽毛球 8岁以上 (Age 8 & up) 02:50 PM03:40 PMSenthil Krishnan Gym1215.009/15
Youth Basketball 少年篮球班 9岁以上 (Age 9 & up) 02:50 PM03:40 PMYunfeng Shi 石云峰Gym1215.009/15