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校庆老照片征集活动 Old Chinese school photos and memories are needed 02/27/2023 - 8:22pm

📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉 📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉








📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉 📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉📷🎉
Chinese School will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, and we are now collecting old school photos and memories from all alumni, teachers, and students!

It is not limited to photos of staff, teachers, students, volunteers, and activities, any historical old photos of Chinese schools are welcome.

🔗 Please click the link below to upload photos:

⏰ Deadline: 4/23/23

During the 50th anniversary celebration, the collected photos will be displayed and published on multiple channels.

Thank you for your support!

Chinese school administration team

中文学校50周年校庆活动系列 (2)-喜迎50年校庆原创艺术作品征集 "Artworks for the Chinese School 50th Anniversary Celebration" 02/16/2023 - 5:52pm

🎉中文学校50周年校庆活动系列 (2)-喜迎50年校庆原创艺术作品征集








ℹ️所有作品会在中文学校网站展出, 另外,收集到的非电子作品会在中文学校实体展出。

⏰截止日期: 4/16/2023

🔘参赛者: 中文学校家庭(曾经和正在就读的学生及其家庭成员)





🔘颁奖典礼: 5/28/2023




2023 marks Capital Region Chinese Community Center Chinese School’s 50th year! The school is celebrating by hosting "Artworks for the Chinese School 50th Anniversary Celebration"

All artworks will have the opportunity to participate in the 50th anniversary exhibition.

Based on the different forms of the participating works, the first, second and third prizes will be awarded in each category.

The form of the artwork is not limited, it can be:

✅videos (within 2 minutes): sing or dance, short film or video, etc.

✅Painting, calligraphy, photography, etc.

✅Literary works (essays, poems, etc)

✅knitting, paper cutting, models, etc.

✅Other works of art

All artworks will be exhibited on the Chinese school website, in addition, the non-electronic artworks will be exhibited in Chinese School’s Cafeteria.

🔘Who can participate: Chinese school teachers, students, parents, and alumni

How to submit:

▶️For electronic works, please email

▶️For non-electronic works, please submit to Vice President Lei Yi.

▶️When submitting your work, please indicate your name, email and mobile phone number.

⏰Deadline: 4/16/2023

ℹ️Awards Ceremony: 5/28/2023

📧If you have any questions, please contact Vice Principal Mrs. Yi Lei at


Chinese School Administration Team

中文学校50周年校庆活动系列 (1) Chinese School 50th Anniversary Logo Contest 02/15/2023 - 8:57pm

2023年是首府华社中文学校建校50周年。为回顾学校发展历程,扩大学校社会影响,学校决定举行建校50周年庆祝活动。现面向全校师生,家长, 校友征集建校50周年校庆标识(LOGO)设计。



🔘参赛者: 中文学校家庭(曾经和正在就读的学生及其家庭成员)

⏰截止日期: 4/02/2023

一等奖: 1名,$50 礼卡
二等奖: 1名,$25 礼卡
三等奖: 5名,各$5礼卡




2023 marks Capital Region Chinese Community Center Chinese School’s 50th year! The school is celebrating by hosting a 50th Anniversary Logo Design Competition.

✅The LOGO design is required to be an original work, either a paper or digital version is accepted.
✅The logo’s design should reflect the values of the Chinese School. This includes creating school-appropriate design content. The logo must be appropriate for a professional setting. The submitted logo must be easy to use, handle, resize, and manipulate for all reproduction purposes.

🔘Who can participate: Chinese school teachers, students, parents, and alumni

⏰Deadline: 04/02/2023

🔘How to submit:
▶️Interested persons should note that their electronic or paper submission must include their name, telephone number, email address, and a brief explanation of the design and the main ideas represented.
▶️Electronic version submission: email
▶️Paper version submission: to Vice-principal - Mrs. Yi Lei

First place: 1 winner- $50 gift card
Second place: 1 winner $25 gift card
Third place: 5 winners- $5 gift card each

📧If you have any questions, please contact Vice-principal - Mrs. Yi Lei at


Chinese School Administration Team

Sign up the parent duty to get refund 02/14/2023 - 10:05pm

Dear parents,

The school tuition includes a $60 PTA deposit per family. You can register the Chinese school parent duty to get a refund.

New opening dates for parent duty are

February:  02/26/23
March: 03/05/23;03/12/23;03/26/23
April: 04/02/23;04/16/23;04/23/23;04/30/23
May: 05/07/23; 5/14/23;5/21/23; 5/28/23

Parent duty time is 12:50 pm to 4:00 pm except for 05/28/23 which is from 10:00 am to 4:00pm。

Please log in to the Chinese community homepage, click program, then click school, then click PTA Duty Signup to register. Or click this link to sign up directly:

After completing the duty, Ms. Hui Jin (phone #401-588-2940) will arrange a refund.

If you have any questions about parent duty, please contact PTA Chair - Ms.Yanli Wang at Phone# 201-892-2698

Chinese School Administration Team

二月和三月时间表 (School Calendar - Feb & March) 02/14/2023 - 10:05pm

以下是中文学校二月和三月的时间表:The following are school Feb & March schedules:

二月份 February:
🔴2/19/23: 放假 No School
🟢2/26/23: 照常上课 School Opens

三月份 March:
🟢3/5/23: 照常上课 School Opens
🔵3/11/23: AP 中文模拟线上考试 AP Mock Online Test
🟢3/12/23: 照常上课, AP 中文模拟线上考试 School Opens, AP Mock Online Test
🔴3/19/23: 不上课,在华社举行YCT 考试 No School, YCT test at CCC
🟢3/26/23: 照常上课 School Opens

🗓️若需知道更多学校的时间表,请登陆学校网页查看校历. For more school schedules, please check out the school calendar:


中文学校行政团队 Chinese School Administration Team