YCT考试报名开始 (YTC Test Registration Starts now !)

今年的YCT (Youth Chinese Test)考试现在开始报名了,YCT考试不仅是对孩子们汉语水平的认证考试,也是中文学校学生毕业必须满足的条件之一。华社中文学校将组织学生参加2024年3级和4级的YCT纸笔考试。以下是报名链接, 也可以扫描QRCode(见附件)报名。


*报名截止日期 :2/9/2024 (星期五) 12:00AM(EST)
*报名费:学生免费, 但学校将统一支付考试中心费用(3级$20,4级$25)。如学生报名注册了本次考试,却在考试当天缺席,学生需补交相应的考试费用。

*考试时间: 3/16/2024 (星期六) 13:00PM(EST)
*考试地点: 华社(Chinese Community Center) 11 Avis Dr, Latham, NY 12110


如有任何问题, 请联系教务副校长-高杰school.academic@cccalbany.org

Registration for this year's YCT (Youth Chinese Test) is now open. The YCT test is not only a certification test for children's Chinese proficiency, but also one of the conditions that Chinese school students must meet to graduate. Huashe Chinese School will hold the YCT paper-based exams for Level 3 and Level 4 in 2024. Below is the registration link, you can also scan the QRCode (see attachment) to register.


*Registration deadline: 2/9/2024 (Friday) 12:00AM(EST)
*Registration fee: Free for students, but the school will pay the test center ($20/each student for Level 3, $25/each student for Level 4). If a student registers for this exam but is absent on the exam day, the student must pay the corresponding exam fee.
*Recommended grade level students to participate: CSL students can register for the YCT-3 level exam. Students in the fifth and sixth grades of Chinese classes can register to take the YCT-4 level exam.

*Exam time: 3/16/2024 (Saturday) 13:00PM(EST)
*Exam Location: Chinese Community Center 11 Avis Dr, Latham, NY 12110

Please reach out to the Chinese class teacher to obtain exam study materials

If you have any questions, please contact Vice Principal Jie Gao at school.academic@cccalbany.org

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