2018/09/09 School PTA duty - Sunday

There are four regular parent duty positions in each school session. The duty includes ringing bells (before and after each class), operating printer/copy machine, and patrolling hallway (keep hallway quiet and organized during breaks or at all time), etc. Login and use the "Signup Duty" tab to signup if you can help. Thanks.

学校开通Paypal 网上支付 (Tuition can now be paid by credit card online through Paypal)


今年学校开通Paypal 网上支付,可以直接使用Paypal账户支付,也可以通过Paypal使用自己的信用卡支付:

1.登录家庭账户,必须以账户持有人(Primary Account Holder ,不是家庭成员)身份登录

2.点击“My Family /我的家庭”标签,然后点击“Enrollment /注册”标签

3. 如果您有申请华社会员,注册课程后请等待至多10个工作日,确认学校已经更新了您的华社会员身份CCC membership,看到学费的折扣价之后,请准备好您的信用卡。如果没有申请华社会员,请直接进行下一步

4.点击“Paypal”(位于“Get Payment Slip”图标附近),然后按照屏幕上的说明完成付款流程。



Tuition can now be paid by credit card online through Paypal

1. Log in family account as account holder (primary account holder, not family members)

2. Click "My Family" tab, then "Enrollment" tab

3. If you applied CCC membership, please wait up to 10 days to make sure your CCC membership discount has been applied, then have your credit card ready. If you don’t want to apply CCC membership, please skip step 3 and go to next step

4. Click "Paypal" (which is located near "Get Payment Slip" icon) and follow instructions onscreen to complete payment process.

5. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a receipt by email if you have a valid email address on file as account holder.

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