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After five years studying of traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) and getting a bachelor’s degree, I had been teaching Chinese medicine for 4 years, and continued my study in graduate school and got my Master’s degree from BUCM. Later on I came to US and studied biology at the University of Iowa and worked in a cancer research lab. From 2014 – 2016 our family lived in Shanghai due to my husband’s work. I started to teach Chinese as a foreign language.

My experiences in studying and teaching Chinese medicine as well as recent experience in teaching Chinese make me have great passion in teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture, to foreigners as well as to the America born Chinese kids. Being a mother of two (13 and 6), I have been working on how to keep my kids interested in Chinese culture and Chinese language since they were little.  One of the key things for the kids to learn Chinese well is to keep their interests. Therefore in Chinese class using different ways like telling stories, playing games, using multimedia to help the Chinese studying easy and fun would be very important to young kids.

I like photography, tennis, jogging, fitness, and reading. I enjoy spending my time with my daughters.  


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