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My name is Jason Zhang. 我的中文名字是张耀轩。Im currently a rising Junior at Shaker High School. I have been passionate about programming and have experience with Python, Java, C, C# in Unity, CSS, HTML, SQL, and AHK. I would say that Python and C# are my main programming languages, whilst Python is my favorite.

I have had the opportunity to teach programming in the past, with the most recent being this summer. I am currently the producer and lead programmer for the RPI 2021 Summer Game Design Camp where the objective is to develop a social game. Through this, I have taught C# to a group of dedicated students via meet-and-lab sessions. This typically entails a few hours of teaching followed by another few of experimentation and implementation. In addition, I have also been a part of the Shaker Coding Club and Shaker Game Design Club, both of which I helped teach students programming.
I believe that the best way to learn coding is through project-based sessions, where students learn the required material necessary to create a project, such that they can take home their progress and develop it further. This allows for much greater interest and retention as compared to the memorizing-textbook method often taught in school. Through my passion in programming, I hope to instill in my students and fellow classmates a devotion to learning autonomy.


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