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I enjoy dancing as a workout routine and a way to explore myself. Though I have participated dancing performances when I was a young girl, I didn't realize how much I like dancing until later in life, when I instinctively looked to grow myself in dancing. I hope moving with music continues being a favorite part of my life, and hope more people would find joy in dancing as I did.

I went to Zumba and other dance classes for several years before I came to CCC Chinese school for aerobic dancing. I have a graduate degree. My two wonderful boys are my proud. They enjoy activities like soccer, baseball, chess, art, reading, kung fu ... and being outdoors.

The Adult Dance Exercise Class are mainly combined with Chinese square dance, folk dance, Latin, and classics. Please come to join us, and there's no need to feel pressure to make a perfect dance move here. All you need to do is smile, follow the lead and move with the music. Whether it's faster paced or slower fluid style, it'll be a nice workout for you. Feel free to share with us your dance product if you'd like. We would love to see it and cheer for you.

我们跳的舞包括: 韵律操,广场舞,和形体舞。广场舞里又带有民族舞,现代舞和拉丁舞风格。音乐大多是大陆, 港台的经典歌曲。这个舞蹈健身班的目的是以锻炼身体,强筋健骨为主。只要随着音乐动起来,开开心心,让自己心情放松,不但能得到一些热身塑身的效果,还帮助增加免疫力,增加身心愉快。对于新来的朋友,不需要在动作上面纠结,循序渐进,慢慢就好了。如果您学会了新舞,也欢迎您展示给大家,让我们一起欣赏和学习!欢迎您来与我们共舞。


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