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·       A very passionate, competent and well accomplished Chinese language teacher with an inherent love of teaching and commitment to students’ development to reach their maximum potential   

·      Nearly 20 years of experience in teaching novice to advanced Chinese to students of different ages (5-72) in China and the United States    20年教学经验

·    Two Master’s degrees (one in Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogy and the other in Teaching English as a Foreign Language)   中、英文语言学教学法两个硕士学位

·    17 publications including many Chinese textbooks and teacher’s guide co-authored with other college professors.      发表论文,出版教材、教师指导用书、词典、翻译等

·      The highest level certification in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language awarded by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China     高级汉语教学资格证书

·      A Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential (Mandarin Chinese) from California, U.S.  美国中小学汉语教学资格证书

·    32 awards including four international Chinese teaching awards(each of 400-500 submissions from more than 30-50 countries)  荣誉与奖励(包括4个国际汉语教学竞赛奖)

·     Average 4.95 out of 5.0 anonymous course evaluation for nearly 20 years; Tons of students’ positive reviews (“most caring and dedicated, incredibly knowledgeable, extremely professional, helpful, encouraging, patient, kind and accommodating, most committed, engaging and inspiring, creative, innovative, effective, enthusiastic, genuinely wants every and each of her students to succeed, perfect for the course, appropriate guidance, Grammar Queen, Chinese Master, an asset/a gem/a diamond to this school”)  教学评估与学生反馈


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