Public Speaking & Debate 演讲与辩论(Grade 4- Grade 10)

Start Time: 
02:50 PM
End Time: 
03:40 PM

In Public Speaking and Debate, students will learn how to debate and all the skills associated with it, including public speaking, argumentation, critical thinking, and research. This will be taught through lectures, hands-on practice, and in-class competitions. It will be part-instruction and part-practice. 


Homework will rarely be given. If classwork isn't finished or a piece is required for the next activity, there may be a small homework assignment. These should take no more than 30 minutes, and class time will be provided to complete it the next week. 


Students will need a laptop, loose leaf paper (in a binder, folder, or notebook), and pens/pencils for this class. Research is largely conduct online, making the laptop vital for success. 


Through public speaking, this class ensures students are prepared for school presentations, future job interviews and projects, and other life skills. Through simple memorable steps, public speaking skills will increase and ensure success for all students. 


This class will teach research skills that gather usable evidence, writing argumentation spanning from logical initial points to rebuttals to closing statements, asking purposeful questions, taking notes during debates, speaking in a precise and explanatory manner, and many other life skills that are important in debate. These abilities will be useful not only in the context of a debate, but also in school, jobs, and life as a whole. 


Public Speaking and Debate skills have the potential to help one flourish and grow tremendously throughout one's lifetime. These skills will be provided through this class hopefully along with a newfound love for public speaking and debate.