Important Notice for Chinese School Rule and Code of Conduct

Dear members of the CCC Chinese School,

North Colonie school district recently issued a warning letter to the Chinese School due to a lease violation, which was regarding the missing or broken items in the classrooms in connection with Chinese School’s rental and several unsupervised students entering the area that is not assigned to the Chinese School according to the lease agreement; the latter violation was captured by the surveillance camera. If no corrective action is taken immediately, North Colonie will exert the right to terminate the lease agreement, which will result in Chinese School’s inability to operate.

As we all know, the Chinese School relies on the lease of the facilities of Shaker Middle School for its operation and activities. After a thorough discussion, the admin team of the Chinese School decides to implement the following corrective and preventative actions to address the issues listed in the warning letter:

(1) No entry into the areas and classrooms that are not assigned to the Chinese School. Please find the areas assigned to the Chinese School outlined with red lines in the attached school maps.
(2) No running at any time on Shaker Middle School’s premises, including the hallways and the classrooms.
(3) Do not stay in the hallways or empty classrooms during the classes. Please wait in the cafeteria.
(4) Do not touch or move any items in the classrooms other than the student desks and chairs, whiteboard, and big screens.
(5) Do not touch or use any personal items left by the Shaker Middle School teachers or students in the classrooms.
(6) Do not wipe off any contents left by the Shaker Middle School teachers or students on the whiteboard – Chinese School teachers can get the poster paper from the admin table as a substitute, for the whiteboard if needed; do not use any office supplies left by the Shaker Middle School teachers or students in the classrooms – teachers and TAs can get the office supplies from the admin table as well.
(7) More monitoring staff in orange safety vests will be added to the hallways and other public areas, the cooperation from all personnel is required.

Please emphasize to your students the importance of following the rules of the Chinese School. Serious violations could cause the loss of the venue for good. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain a good relationship with the North Colonie school district and Shaker Middle School. It is the responsibility of every teacher and parent to ensure the safety of the students at the school – see something, say something, and do something.

Attached please also find the warning letter from the North Colonie school district for your reference. Please join us to maintain a safe and sustainable Chinese School community!


Chinese School Admin Team

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