Math classes starts 9/11/22 新学年数学课程9月11日开课

Chinese School offers Math enrichment classes!

⌚️Class Schedule: Sundays 2:50pn-3:40PM
From 9/11/22 to 5/21/23 (No classes during holidays & school breaks)
📍Location: Shaker Middle School
🗓Total lessons:25

Our math curriculum is centered on students solving problems. Rather than spoon-feed students material for them to echo. we believe in teaching advanced math concepts early, so students build a problem solving foundation for more advanced math and science classes in the years to come。

Class List (数学班级)👇:
🔸Math 1 - For Grade 1
🔸Math 2 – For Grade 2
🔸Math 3 – For Grade 3
🔸Math 4 – For Grade 4
🔸Math 5: Pre Algebra – For Grade 5, 6 and 7, prepare mathcounts
🔸Math 6: Intro Algebra – Kids who took pre algebra Before prepare AMC test
🔸Math 7: Geometry - Kids who took pre algebra and Intro algebra Before prepare AMC test
🔸Math 8: Intermediate Algebra -Kids who took Intro algebra Before prepare high level AMC test

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