Only 5 available dates to sign up parent duty

Dear parents,

This school year will end on May 22. If you pre-paid $40 PTA deposit in the tuition, please register the Chinese school parent duty to get a refund. The school will not refund the deposit if you haven’t performed the parent duty by the end of the school year.

🗓There are only 5 available dates to sign up:



✏️Please log in to the Chinese community homepage, click program, then click school, then click PTA Duty Signup to register. Or click this link to sign up directly:

💰After complete the duty, Ms. Hui Jin (phone #401-588-2940) will arrange a refund.

ℹ️If you have any questions about parent duty, please contact PTA Chair Mrs. Yanli Wang at Phone# 201-892-2698


Chinese School Administration Team