CS Weekly: 2nd Week - Waiver \ Trial lesson 免责协议\ 试课调课

各位家长, 同学们好!


1. Waiver 免责协议
This year, the landlord has increased the rental and added the punitive damages clause to the lease, which is the Chinese school has to pay 1.5 times of cost for any damage incurs, and they can terminate the lease with five days written notice in the event of we breach any obligation. In order to ensure school safety, all the parents and students must sign the waiver and hand it to the room teachers by next Sunday 9/29. Otherwise, the student will not be permitted to participate in any program.

2. 试课/调课:本周日是学生最后一天试课,试完课决定报哪个班之后,请立即到学校行政桌办理登记或调课。第三周起各个班的老师会点名, 不在名单上的学生将不能在教室里听课。
This Sunday is the last time for the trial lesson. Once you choose a class, please come to Admin table to register or make a change. If your name is not on the class roster, you won’t be allowed to sit in the class from the next week.

3. 如果您还有孩子在waiting list,请务必到学校行政桌询问做出调整,下周以后学校将把waiting list 全部清除。
If your name is still on the waiting list, please come to the Admin table.  We will clear all the names on the waiting list in the next week.

4. Shaker 将在4:00准时关门,校工工作超时都需要中文学校来负担。再次强调安全第一,请大家务必在4点之前把孩子都接走,安全离开学校!
Shaker will close at 4pm. Safety is first!Your child must leave school with you before 4pm.