CS Weekly: School as usual on 3/31, Call for fundraising and volunteers

1. 本周日3/31学校恢复正常上课。


3. 中文学校年度画画比赛,交稿截止日是本周日3/31。今年的主题是:我的生活。请填好交稿label,一起交给PTA 孙鹏博。
4. School council 孙旭峰主席以提名委员会的名义诚邀自荐或广荐人才加入学校服务团队,请详见附件
5. 中文教师培训本周日将于第三节课在教室B208举行,由莫琳老师分享《汉语教材分析、评价与使用》。学校长期诚招老师,请有意应聘老师的电邮联系刘大卫副校长i6liu@yahoo.com。也欢迎有意应聘老师的参加教师培训。
6. 毕业申请截止日是4/7,填好申请后请交给刘大卫副校长,并把单人大头照片电邮发给本班老师,注明中英文名字,照片将收录在2019 Yearbook。
1. The school will resume on this Sunday 3/31.
Call for fundraising. There were a group of our students playing on the
stage at the auditorium and then the projector screen was found damaged
on the corners of the both sides. Chinese School has paid $6200.59 to
replace the screen. Now we call for your general donation to help us
cover the cost on next Sunday 3/31: 
- Please feel free to donation any amount at the donation box at the entrance. 
Please write a check to CCC Chinese School and pass it to Mr Peng Chen
or Ms Yu Chen. They will issue a donation receipt to you. 
will announce the total amount by 4/7. Any surplus will be fully used
for the students activity on the last of day of school. We sincerely
thank you for all your help. 
3. Annual arts exhibit topic: My life, submission due by 3/31.
4. Please see the attached volunteer recruitment letter from School Council Chair Mr Xufeng Sun. 
5. Chinese teacher training will be hold on 2:50-3:40pm at B208.
The graduation application is due by April 7th. Please submit it to
Vice Principal Dawei Liu. Please send your personal photo and both
Chinese and English names to your teacher for the yearbook.


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