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一年一度的故事会将于11/4@1-4pm在华社举行,本周开始请向所在班级老师报名。截止报名日期10/28. 详情请看附件通知。

2.Youth Team Election
青少年义工团 President和Vice-President选举将于下周日10/21@12:30-1pm
在A207进行,请有意竞选的同学于周四10/18之前把your resume, running mate and 2018-19 plan

3.Logo大赛:学校重金$200征集中文学校Logo 设计,征稿截止日期11/18,欢迎孩子们天马行空来设计,详情请参考附件。

1.Please see the attached for details of Storytelling Contest.

2.This Youth Team President and Vice-President election will happen on
Oct 21, Sunday 12:30 PM to 1 PM at room A207. We welcome all the members
of the youth team join this annual election event. The deadline for
candidacy is the end of next Thursday, Oct 18. If you plan to run for a
position in the executive team, please send Qun Lu (shen4@yahoo.com) resumes of you and your running mate if you have one. A sketch of the 2018 - 2019 plan is also recommended.

3.The Chinese School reward $200 for logo design, submission deadline 11/18.


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