Chinese School Calendar is available on the website 中文学校校历


请登陆中文学校主页, 点击“about us, 再点击” Calendar 22-23“ 查看校历。

Dear all,

Chinese School New School Year Calendar is available on the website.

Log onto the homepage, click "about us", then click "Calendar 22-23"。

Attached is a copy of the calendar.


Chinese School Administration Team

中文学校课程介绍:趣味学中文- 动物世界探奇 Fun Learning Chinese-exploring Animal kingdom

🎉中文学校新学年课程介绍Chinese School offers the course 👇:

【 趣味学中文- 动物世界探奇 Fun Learning Chinese-exploring Animal kingdom】
Age 5 & up

⌚️Class Schedule: Sundays 2:50 PM -3:40 PM
From 9/11/22 to 5/14/23 (No classes during holidays & school breaks)
📍Location: Shaker Middle School
🗓Total lessons:25
👩‍🏫Teacher: Yin Qian 钱寅

📚Course Objectives:

🦋翩翩起舞的小精灵—— 介绍各种有趣的蝴蝶,以及穿越万水千山,帝王蝶的艰辛之旅
Introduce interesting animal knowledge and cultivate the love of animals, full-class interactions and games, and learn to present. Below are some of the course topics:
🐟 Fish that are not fish - crocodiles, octopuses, squid, whales are they all fish? Does the legendary mermaid really exist?
🐦The flightless bird - emu and ostrich look so similar, how to tell them apart? Who wins the emu war? Do kiwis eat kiwi?
🕷️The little spider who can release balloons - travel on a balloon。
🐰 Star jumpers who don't eat grass by the side of the nest -Who are they?
🦋The dancing elf - Introducing all kinds of interesting butterflies, as well as the arduous journey through thousands of rivers and mountains, monarch butterflies!
🪸Coral- let's protect the ocean and keep the color of the coral!
🐒primates! come to the jungle to explore the golden monkey and the world's smallest monkey.
🐘All the way to Elephant North - the story of wild elephant migration in Yunnan in 2021.
🦑Jellyfish, these dancing sea spirits, are gifts from nature - the fluorescent protein found in the luminous jellyfish allows us to see the activity of biological cells.
🐲 Are legendary animal “dragons” the same as today's "dragons"?

🔗课程网址(Course List)
🔗注册指南(Registration Policy)
ℹ️如有问题, 请联系(Contact Info):

Chinese School Administration Team

网上注册课程将于9/10结束 (class online registration will be closed on 9/10)








Dear Parents,

The deadline for course registration and tuition payment is September 10. If you haven’t registered for your children’s language classes, enrichment classes, or parents’ clubs, please register online and pay tuition as soon as possible.

Please see the attached course list we offer this school year. You can also go to the Chinese school website and click on the link of the teacher or course name for more details:

How to register:

Trial classes and switching classes are available during the first two weeks of school. If you would like to switch classes or have any questions, just stop by the Chinese school administrative desk during the school opening hours.


Chinese School Administration Team

学校时间表-School Schedule & Calendar



学校地址:Shaker Middle School, 475 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham, NY 12110








Dear Parents,

(1) The first day of school is Sunday, September 11th, and classes start at 1:00 PM!

School Address: Shaker Middle School, 475 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham, NY 12110
The school door will open at 12:30 pm!

Lesson period 1:1:00pm-1:45pm
Lesson period 2:1:55pm-2:40pm
Lesson period 3:2:50pm-3:40pm

The class period and classroom location number for each class can be found at this link:

On the first day of school, the volunteers will assist parents and children in finding classrooms.

(2) Attached is the Chinese school calendar. check out the school session and holiday breaks.

(3) During the school opening, the school administrative team will work on the school site. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by our desk!


Chinese School Administration Team

中文学校象棋课介绍(Chess Class registration)


♟国际象棋班 Level 1(零基础)

♟国际象棋班 Level 2(1年及以上经验)

⌚️Class Schedule: Sundays 2:50 PM -3:40 PM
From September 2022 to May 2023 (No classes during holidays & school breaks)
📍Location: Shaker Middle School
🗓Total lessons:25

📚Course Objectives:

由Jerry Fan(樊恺育)和余思成根据自己多年学习国际象棋,和参加比赛的经验总结,专为6-12岁学生设计开发的象棋基础和提升课程,以讲解国际象棋战术和game对弈的方式,教学生学习如何在规则中尊重对手和在竞争中设计布局,帮助学生提升计算力,记忆力、专注力和锻炼逻辑思维能力。


🔗课程网址(Course List)
🔗注册指南(Registration Policy)
ℹ️如有问题, 请联系(Contact Info):

We provide 2 levels of chess lessons (level 1 and level 2) this year. Level 1 is for beginners with zero experience or less than a year of chess experience and are interested in exploring more. Level 2 is for those who have more than one year of experience and are looking for advancing their chess skills for serious chess tournaments. From both of these lessons, students will gain invaluable knowledge on all aspects of chess from advanced openings, to middle-game, and to important endgames. We will cover a lot of chess tactics and introduce kids to all kinds of chess tournaments, chess skill websites etc. Our class is very fun and interactive as well! We do fun activities and games that not only boost chess growth, but also make the child LIKE chess.

Important Dates 报名及交费的截止日期 enrollment and tuition due dates

Dear Parent,

Please note the following important enrollment and tuition payment deadlines:

Important Dates
Tuition Payment Due Date*: September 10th, 2022

Online Enrollment Deadline**: September 10th, 2022

First Day of School: Sunday, September 11th, 2022

* Payment received or postmarked after the due date is subject to late payment fee. The School also reserves the right to remove any student from class if full payment is not received or postmarked by the due date.
**Class enrollment, change, or withdrawal after the deadline is handled by School administrators only.

Tuition and Fees

For non-CCC members:
$ 458 per student for each language class unless otherwise stated
$ 215 per student for each culture class unless otherwise stated

For CCC Members with active 2022-2023 family membership:
$ 320 per student for each language class unless otherwise stated
$ 150 per student for each culture class unless otherwise stated

Other fees:
Late payment fee: $10 per family if payment is received after the due date
Processing fee: $10 per class withdrawal or dis-enrollment request

Chinese School Administration Team

喜报! Great News!

🎉 🎉喜报🎉🎉


🥇Evan Guo (郭远恺)第一名
🥉Peter Gong (公沛泽) 第三名



In the 2022 National Association of Chinese Schools Idioms/Cultural Knowledge Competition held in July, two students from our school won the prizes:

🥇Evan Guo -1st place
🥉Peter Gong -3rd place

Congratulations to Evan Guo and Peter Gong!
Congratulations to the teacher - Mrs.Jie Gao!

Chinese School Administration Team

9月11号开学,尽快注册!Register now for class, School starts on 9/11

⏰中文学校新学年即将于9🈷️11号开学,请尽快上网注册课程!也请不要忘了加入华社社员获得CCC member 学费折扣!

The first day of school is September 11, please don’t forget to register classes. Also apply Chinese Community Center membership to receive tuition discount.

You can try out different classes and switch lessons for the first two weeks.

🗓上课时间(class schedule): Sunday 9/11/22-5/21/23 (节假日不上课 no classes during holiday breaks )
📍上课地点(location ): Shaker Middle School, 475 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110

The following is the class time and tuition:

🔴1:00 PM – 2:40 PM Sunday
💰CCC member-$320;Non-CCC member-$458
✔️中文课(Chinese Classes):学前班至9年级中文,AP中文
✔️ Chinese as Second Language (CSL)
✔️Introduction to Cyber Security (9th Grade & up)
✔️General Chemistry 化学基础课 (9th Grade & up)
✔️Python-Intermediate Python Programming

🔴2:50 PM – 3:40 PM Sunday
💰CCC member-$150; Non-CCC member-$215
✔️ 国际象棋 (Chess)
✔️Codifying Language: Preparation for North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition (NACLO) (6th-12th Grade)
✔️Debate 中学生辩论(Grade 6 - Grade 12)
✔️ Hands On STEM 趣味科学实验 (Grade 2-Grade 5)
✔️Kids Dance 少儿舞蹈 (Age 5-8) )
✔️Hip-Hop Dance 街舞 (Age 8 and up)
✔️ Kids Art-Beginner 绘画初级
✔️Learn Chinese with Fun-Explore the World of Animals 趣味学中文-动物世界探奇 (age 5 & up)
✔️Python-Beginner to Python Programming
✔️Math数学 (from Grade 1 to Algebra II)
✔️Martial Art武术功夫班
✔️Youth Badminton 羽毛球 8岁以上 (Age 8 & up)
✔️ Youth Basketball 少年篮球班 9岁以上 (Age 9 & up)

🔴2:50 PM – 3:40 PM Sunday
💰CCC member-$50 ;Non-CCC member-$50
✔️How to make your English authentic-Pronunciation & Grammar (Adult only)

🔴English as Second Language (ESL)
💰 Free免费
✔️ESL I 初级 1:00 pm-2:40 pm Sunday
✔️ESL II 中高级 2:50 pm-3:40 pm Sunday

🔴大人俱乐部 Club (1:00 PM-2:40 PM Sunday) -Age 18 & up
💰成员费由俱乐部决定 TBD by club
✔️ 篮球(Basketball club )俱乐部
✔️羽毛球(Badminton club)俱乐部
✔️ 舞蹈(Zumba club)俱乐部
✔️毛线编织(Knitting, crochet club)俱乐部

🔗登陆账号注册课程(Account login to register)

🔗课程网址(Course List)

🔗注册指南(Registration Policy)

ℹ️如有问题, 请联系(contact):

Chinese School Administration Team


纽约首府华社中文学校提供ESL『English as a Second Language』免费课程,即『英文为第二语言』课程。采小班制教学方式,老少皆宜。

🗓时间:周日 9/11/22- 5/21/23 (节假日及春冬假不上课)
📍地点: Shaker Middle School 教室号W131
475 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110

⏰ESL I 初级班 :周日1:00pm-2:40pm
⏰ESL II 中高级班 :周日2:50pm-3:40pm




ℹ️如有问题, 请联系:

Math classes starts 9/11/22 新学年数学课程9月11日开课

Chinese School offers Math enrichment classes!

⌚️Class Schedule: Sundays 2:50pn-3:40PM
From 9/11/22 to 5/21/23 (No classes during holidays & school breaks)
📍Location: Shaker Middle School
🗓Total lessons:25

Our math curriculum is centered on students solving problems. Rather than spoon-feed students material for them to echo. we believe in teaching advanced math concepts early, so students build a problem solving foundation for more advanced math and science classes in the years to come。

Class List (数学班级)👇:
🔸Math 1 - For Grade 1
🔸Math 2 – For Grade 2
🔸Math 3 – For Grade 3
🔸Math 4 – For Grade 4
🔸Math 5: Pre Algebra – For Grade 5, 6 and 7, prepare mathcounts
🔸Math 6: Intro Algebra – Kids who took pre algebra Before prepare AMC test
🔸Math 7: Geometry - Kids who took pre algebra and Intro algebra Before prepare AMC test
🔸Math 8: Intermediate Algebra -Kids who took Intro algebra Before prepare high level AMC test

🔗课程网址(Course List)
🔗注册指南(Registration Policy)
ℹ️如有问题, 请联系(Contact Info):

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