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【 Intermediate Python Programming】

⌚️Class Schedule: Sundays 2:50 PM -3:40 PM
From September 2022 to May 2023 (No classes during holidays & school breaks)
📍Location: Shaker Middle School, Classroom#S105
🗓Total lessons:25

👨‍🏫Teacher: Jason Zhang
• Officer of Coding Club at Shaker High School since 10th grade
• USACO Silver Medalist
• RPI Summer Game Development Producer and Lead Programmer (2021) and Teaching Assistant (2022)
• Robotics Team Design Lead, Animation Lead, and Assistant Project Manager
• Introductory Python teaching assistant at Chinese School (2021-2022)
• Intermediate Python teacher at Chinese School (2021-2022)
• Programming experience in Python, Java, C#, HTML, CSS
• Experience with VSCode, Python IDLE, BlueJ, PyCharm, IntelliJ Idea, and Eclipse programming environments

📚Course Objectives:
The Intermediate Python Programming class is intended for students with some prior experience with programming and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Knowledge of Python is not required but is highly recommended.
We will be covering the Python language and a useful set of Python modules while utilizing the Python IDLE Programming Environment. We will discuss important concepts in programming as well as what is meant by a good programming style. By the end of the term, each student may program some simple video games using the concepts we have learned. The student should finish the class with the capability of writing well-formatted and functional Python programs. There will be time for programming labs during class, but the student is expected to work outside of class as well if they wish to progress.

✔️Course Requirements:
Personal Email Address
Laptop running Windows, MacOS, or Linux that can install software
Python compatible IDE

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