11/19 Lockdown Drill


按照计划,明天(11/19)中文学校会进行lockdown drill。演习预定于1:30PM开始,预计进行20-30分钟。演习结束后,学生会留在教室继续上课至第二节课结束。请留在餐厅和体育馆的家长配合工作人员完成演习。谢谢大家配合!请见附件演习流程。

Chinese school will hold a lockdown drill at 1:30pm on November 19th. It will take about 20-30 minutes. All students will resume the class after the lockdown. We will appreciate all your cooperation. Please see attached procedure

Chinese School Administration Team

Lockdown Drill Proceudures_19Nov2023.pdf75.02 KB