Daylight Saving & Storytelling Contest Winners & Lock Down Drill



(2)11月7日下午1:30 学校会进行一场 Lockdown Drill。请届时在cafeteria停留的家长和在gym里活动的家长听从学校工作人员的指挥,完成演习。演习时间预计持续25分钟左右,谢谢大家的合作!




Dear parents, teachers, and students,

(1) Daylight saving time ends on November 7th,  don't forget to turn your clocks back by one hour.

(2) The school will conduct a Lockdown Drill at 1:30 pm on November 7th. Parents who stay in the cafeteria and gym are requested to follow the instructions of the school staff. The drill is expected to last about 25 minutes, thank you for your cooperation!

(3) Confucius Institute Cup Storytelling Competition ended successfully. Please see the attached list of winners! Congratulations to the winners!


Chinese school administration team