Python 中级编程班 Intermediate Python programming class - School Year 2021-22


Class name: Intermediate Python programming
Class time: Sunday 1:00pm-2:40pm
First day of class : September 19th
Total 25 Sunday lessons
Address: Shaker Middle School ,475 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham, NY 12110

This course is intended for students with some basic understanding of programming. Knowledge of Python is not required, but some programming experience would be beneficial.

We will be covering the python language and a useful set of Python modules. We will also learn how to use the IDLE programing environment in addition to the possibility of a few others. We will talk about important concepts in programming as well as what is meant by good programming style. By the end of the term, we may program some simple video games using the concepts we have learned. The student should finish the class with the capability of writing good Python programs. There will be programming labs during class, but the student is expected to work outside of class as well if they wish to progress.

 The student will need to have an email address, also  requires a laptop running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. The laptop does not have to be powerful, but the student needs admin access so that software can be installed.

Instructor: Jason Zhang
  -Passionate about programming and have experience with Python, Java, C, C# in Unity, CSS, HTML, SQL, and AHK.
  -Currently the producer and lead programmer for the RPI 2021 Summer Game Design Camp where the objective is to develop a
   social game. Through this, taught C# to a group of dedicated students via meet-and-lab sessions. This typically entails a
   few hours of teaching followed by another few of experimentation and implementation.
  -a part of the Shaker Coding Club and Shaker Game Design Club, both of which helped teach students programming.
  -I believe that the best way to learn coding is through project-based sessions, where students learn the required material
   necessary to create a project, such that they can take home their progress and develop it further. This allows for much
   greater interest and retention as compared to the memorizing-textbook method often taught in school. Through my passion in
   programming, I hope to instill in my students and fellow classmates a devotion to learning autonomy.

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