CS Weekly: 中文学校周讯— 2月20日


(1) 2月23日学校将恢复在shaker Junior high school 的教学工作。请老师和学生2月23日准时到校上课。




(5) 2020年全美SAT中文模拟考试将于2020年3月8日在中文学校进行。

(6) YCT将于2020年3月22日(周日)在华社1:00pm举行。

(7) 请看附图, 2月23日学校体育馆右区因装修不能使用。




    (8.1) 2020年人口普查讲座.



     主讲人:Zoe T Bevelle, Partnership Specialist, US Census

     美国会会在2020年4月1⽇开始进行人口普查。普查针对住在这个国家的每⼀个⼈,包括公⺠,非公⺠以及临时居⺠。您的问卷回复是简单而且安全的。⼈⼝普查数据影响每年超过 6750亿美元的联邦资金分配。社区依赖⼈⼝普查数据规划交 通设施,学校和紧急救援服务。商业利⽤⼈⼝普查决定在哪⾥建造工厂,办公楼和商业中⼼。亚太裔公共事务联盟联合普查机构为华人社区提供这次关于2020人口普查的解答讲座。


     时间:3月15日 具体时间地点待定

     主讲人: Alan Wang





Dear teachers, parents and students,

(1) The school will resume teaching at the Shaker Junior high school on February 23. Please attend school on time on February 23.

(2) Thank you for your participation in the school's recent survey. The school received 235 valid questionnaires, please see the statistical results in the attachment.

(3) With reference to the statistical results of the questionnaire, the school board voted to resume normal classes on February 23. Parents should decide for themselves whether to send their children to attend school.

(4) Those who have recently returned from China are required to quarantine for 14 days. During the quarantine period, please do not come to the school. Whoever violates this order will be suspended from the school.

(5) The 2020 Chinese SAT Mock Exam will be conducted in Chinese school on March 8, 2020.

(6) YCT will be held on March 22, 2020 (Sunday) at 1:00 pm at the Chinese Community Center.

(7) Please see the attached map. On February 23, the right section of the school gymnasium could not be used due to renovation. Therefore
 ******* Mr. Shi Yunfeng's basketball class and Mr. Luke's Kung Fu class will share teaching space in the left section of the gymnasium.
 ******* However, badminton clubs and adult dance classes will be cancelled.

(8) Upcoming Lectures:

    (8.1) Lecture on census 2020
     Time: March 1st  1:15 pm-2:15pm
     Location: School classroom M110
     Keynote Speaker: Zoe T Bevelle, Partnership Specialist, US Census

     The 2020 Census is quickly approaching! The 2020 Census provides an opportunity for everyone to be counted. The federal government uses census results to distribute approximately $675 billion in federal funding annually. New York State receives billions dollars of those funds each year— more than half a trillion dollars over the life of the census count—to support education, health care, infrastructure, and other programs. Census results also determine the number of congressional representatives for each state and for state legislative redistricting.In partnering with Capital District Chinese Community Center, APAPA Albany Chapter is organizing an information and Q & A session to inform our local Asian Community and address any questions related to this important activity in 2020.

     (8.2) Topic: How to protect your personal data?
     Time: March 15th Specific time and location TBD
     Speaker: Alan Wang
Abstract: Identity theft has become an increasingly prevalent issue in recent years. According to the National Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2018 alone, more than 3 million fraud reports with $1.48 billion total fraud losses to fraud complaints, an increase of $406 million from 2017.  Identity theft can take a number of forms, from a stolen wallet to a store-wide data breach. To protect yourself, discover more facts about identity theft, common causes, warning signs, and prevention tips.

Thank you.

Chinese School Administration Team

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