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      你好,教师一直是我向往热爱的职业。本人于2005 年毕业于天津外国语学院;2006年获初级中学英语教师资格证。在天津新世纪英语培训中心任教一年,同时也任职于欧文国际英语培训中心,负责所有外教的课程安排与沟通。已是三个孩子妈妈的我是个兼职翻译,也曾是Montgomery School 暑期汉语教师。目前我在St.George's School任教已是第三年。期待与孩子们在欢声笑语中一起成长学习。                                                                                                                                            

  Teaching is always my dream. I graduated from Tianjin Foreign Language Study University in 2005, and received my Middle School English Teacher certificate in 2006. I was teaching English at New Century English Training Center, the mean time, I worked at Owen International English Training Center, coordinating with all foreign teachers. Now, as a mother of three lovely children, I taught at Montgomery School summer LPP program. I'm a part-time interpreter and enjoying my 3rd year Teaching at St. George 's School. I'm looking forward for a fun learning year with your children.


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