马立平中文课本网上订购 (Maliping Chinese Textbook online order)


1. 登录华社网站https://cccalbany.org

2. 华社会员请登录自己的账号;非华社会员不用注册账户直接进入下一步。

3. 点击“Program”然后“School”再点击“Order Textbook”,进入购书页面。

4. 选择要购买的教材。如需要购买两个或两个以上不同年级的课本,请返回购书主页面选择。选完所以需要的教材后进入购物篮(View Cart),确认无误后点击“Proceed to checkout"。

5. 在Contact的“Billing details”页面,华社会员Email栏会自动显示您注册的Email。非会员需要填写您的Email。 注意: 请务必确认Email是否正确。付款后此邮箱将收到确认Email和Invoice Letter。在您取书时将以此Email为凭证。

6. 在完成Contact后是“Delivery”, 直接Continue到下一页。

7. 接下来是“Billing and shipping information”。请务必在“Comments”里填上您的Family ID,class name, teacher name and student name 以方便学校在取书时能快速找到您的记录。

8. 点击“Pay online”完成PayPal支付。

9. 在收到学校通知后,打印Invoice letter。 10.开学当天(9月8日),在教室等班级老师发书。 如购书取书需要帮助或遇到问题,请联系校务副校长朱磊(school.communication@cccalbany.org).


Steps of online purchase:

1. Go to https://cccalbany.org

2. Login if you are a member of the Chinese Community Center. If you are not a member, go to the next step.

3. Click on "Program" then "School" and then "Order Textbook" and get into the page of textbooks

4. Choose the textbooks you want to purchase. If you need more than one textbook, go back to the textbook list and choose another one. After you select all textbooks you want to purchase, click on "View Cart", check if all the information are correct, then click "Proceed to checkout".

5. In the "Contact" Billing details, if you are a member of the Chinese Community Center, the Email address will be auto-populated. If not, please fill in your email address, name, and phone number. Please carefully check your email whether you are a member of the Chinese Community Center or not. The confirmation email and invoice letter will be sent to this email you provide. And you will use this email to pick up your order.

6. Next is Delivery information. It has been preset. Click "Continue".

7. In the "Billing and shipping information" page, please add your family ID,class name, teacher name and student name in "Comments". The school will use your family ID to track your order.

8. Click "Pay online" to finish PayPal purchase.
9. After receiving a confirmation letter, please print the invoice letter.

10.On the first day of school (Sep 8th),please wait in classroom and teacher will provide your textbook to you. If you purchase the textbook after the semester started, the school will provide another pickup. And the schedule will be announced later.

If you have questions about textbook purchases, please contact vice principal Lei Zhu (school.communication@cccalbany.org). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Chinese School Administration Team




◾️中文学校2024-2025学年具体课程表: https://registration.albanychineseschool.org/albany/courses

◾️请登录您的中文学校帐号注册课程: https://registration.albanychineseschool.org/albany/family_login



PTA押金& 活动费-$60 (完成家长值日,即可退款$40)

▪️ 注册步骤 https://registration.albanychineseschool.org/albany/node/4670
▪️ 网上注册课程时, 您需要点击并同意学校设施使用的免责与风险承担合同

🔸开学日期:9月8日 2024

ℹ️如有任何问题, 请联系principal@cccalbany.org



Summer Chinese Homework Incentive Program Signup

Chinese school has launched a summer homework incentive program to motivate children to continue learning Chinese during the summer vacation. By completing the Chinese summer homework, you will have the chance to receive fun prizes. The specific requirements and information about the activity are as follows👇:

✅Participants: Students from all language classes at the Chinese school are eligible to sign up.
✅Requirements: Ma Liping Chinese Summer Homework, a total of eight weeks, with a minimum of two days of completion each week. For other classes (CSL, preschool), parents can arrange accordingly based on their child's situation, such as writing a few Chinese characters or reading some Chinese books each week. Please keep the writing notebook and reading log.

🗓️When to claim the prize: Within one month after the start of the school year.

📍Where to get the prize: CCC Chinese school on Sunday. Shaker Middle School, 475 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110

How to get the prize: Please bring the summer homework (Maliping Chinese Class)/Chinese notebook or reading log (all other classes) to the administrative desk, you will have your prize after your work is verified by the admin staff.

Please signup in advance so that sufficient prizes can be prepared.


📪if you have any questions, please reach out to Vice Principal -Lei Hu at school.academic@cccalbany.org

Chinese School Administration Team



中文学校为了激励孩子们能在暑假期间坚持中文学习,特别推出暑假作业有奖活动:完成中文暑假作业,有趣小奖品等着你 。


📪如有任何问题,请联系教务副校长胡磊 school.academic@cccalbany.org


Chinese School 2024-2025 Courses 中文学校新学年课程表

Chinese School 2024-2025 Courses 中文学校新学年课程表

Course registration starts in July!

Lesson schedules: Sundays from 9/08/24 to 5/18/25(No Classes on Holiday Break)

Sundays 1:00 PM-2:40 PM (Total 27 Lessons)
• 马立平教材中文语言课 (学前班 至 中文八年级 )
• Chinese Language from Kindergarten to Grade 8"
• AP中国语言及文化(AP Chinese Language and Culture), Prepare for High School AP Exam
• 中文第二语言课 Chinese As A Second Language (Level 1,2,3 and Adult)
• Introduction to Cyber Security & AI (9th Grade & Up)
• General Chemistry ( 9th -12th grade or advanced 8th grade)
• Adult Basketball Club
• Adult Badminton Club
• Adult 形体课 (body-shaping)

Sundays 2:50 PM-3:40 PM (Total 25 Lessons)
• Chess 国际象棋 Level 1 & 2
• Hands-On STEM 趣味科学实验 ( Grade 2-Grade 5)
• Hip-Hop Dance 街舞 (Age 8 and up)
• Kids Art-Beginner 绘画初级
• Math Classes: From Grade 1 to Grade 8 (Algebra II)
• Public Speaking & Debate 演讲与辩论 (Grade 6- Grade 10)
• Python – Beginner / Intermediate
• Introduction to Java Class
• Chinese Kungfu 武术功夫班
• Youth Badminton - Beginner/Intermediate 羽毛球初级, 中级 (Age 8 & up)
• Adult Badminton (Age 18+) All Levels 成人羽毛球班
• Youth Basketball 少年篮球班 (Age 9 & up)
• Memory Methods for Everyone

School Website: www.albanychineseschool.org
School Address: Shaker Middle School, 475 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham, NY
Contact: principal@cccalbany.org

中文学校2024-2025 学年助教申请Teacher Assistant Application

中文学校2024-2025 学年助教(Teacher Assistant)申请

如感兴趣,请填写申请表 https://forms.gle/XoG82Wqy6grTGMD28


Chinese school 2023-2024 school year Teacher Assistant (Teacher Assistant) application
Applicants: high school students aged 14 and above
Application requirement: responsible and love serving the community.
Working schedule: Sunday afternoon from September 2024 to May 2025 (except school holidays), the specific time depends on the assigned courses.
If you are interested, please fill in the application form https://forms.gle/XoG82Wqy6grTGMD28
Deadline: Aug 31, 2024
Any questions can be sent to school.events@cccalbany.org


Chinese school administration team

2024-2025学年中文老师招聘启事 We're Hiring Chinese Teachers





教学方式: 实体及小班教学模式。

教学地址:Shaker Middle School, Latham, NY 12110



o 普通话标准,读写俱佳,有基本英语沟通能力。
o 有爱心,责任心强,细致耐心,善于沟通,有良好的服务意识。
o 无教学经验者亦可,中文学校可以提供培训及上岗实习。



学校网页: albanychineseschool.org

6/2/24 Last Day of School Activities

🔶 6月2号:
🔹本学年最后一天 ,只上第一二节课,不上第三节课。上午10点开始上课。
🔹马立平旧课本免费交换活动: 家长可以捐献旧的马立平教材,也有机会获取想要的马立平旧教材。
🔹每个家庭到行政桌领取一本免费的年刊 (yearbook)。
🔹学校将举办” Bring A Friend 🧑‍🤝‍🧑to School & Family Carnival 🎪”活动。 学生可以邀请非中文学校朋友来校一起上课和参加活动。
🔹10:00am-11:30am: 第一二节课正常进行。
🔹11:30am-12:30pm:各班级将在餐厅举行聚餐,学校免费提供水和餐具。 🍦每位小朋友将获得一支冰棒。


🔷 June 2nd:
🔹 Last day of the current school year, only first and second-period classes will be held, and no third-period class. Classes start at 10:00 am.
🔹 Maliping used Chinese textbook exchange.
🔹 Each Family can pick up a free school yearbook at the Administration Desk.
🔹 The school will hold a "Bring A Friend to School & Family Carnival" event. Students can invite friends who do not attend the Chinese school to join classes and activities at school together.
🔹10:00 am-11:30 am: First and second-period classes proceed as usual.
🔹11:30 am-12:30 pm: Each class will have a potluck in the cafeteria, and each child will receive a popsicle.
🔹12:30 pm-2:30 pm: Carnival Games activities will be held in the gymnasium.
🔹1:00 pm-3:30 pm: Youth badminton competition

Chinese School Administration Team

马立平旧课本交换活动 Ma Liping Used Textbook Exchange Event


6月2日是中文学校本学年最后一次中文课程。课程结束后,11:30pm-2:30pm欢迎家长们将旧的马立平中文课本捐赠至学校的 Book Drive 桌。您也可以在此免费拿取所需的旧课本。



【Ma Liping Used Textbook Exchange Event】

Dear parents, June 2nd is the last Chinese class of this school year at the Chinese school. After the class, parents are welcome to donate used Ma Liping Chinese textbooks to the school's Book Drive table from 11:30 pm to 2:30 pm. You can also pick up the used Maliping textbooks you need for free there.
Thank you for your support!

Chinese School Administration Team

Chinese Spellig Bee CSL Class Winners

Here we announce the results of the Chinese Spelling Bee CSL Group.

We sincerely congratulate the following award-winning students:

CSL Class-1(Teacher: Kristal Lin):
🥇一等奖 (1st Place): Madelyne Binkowski
🥈二等奖 (2nd Place): Maya Elkordy
🥉三等奖:(3rd Place): Leah Ching

CSL Class-2(Teacher:Qin Wei ):
🥇一等奖 (1st Place): Katsuya Izumi
🥈二等奖 (2nd Place): Emma Zimmerman, Bella Zimmerman, Kayden Mowry, Meili Liang

Chinese School Administration Team

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